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Contested Divorced

A contested divorce occurs when the parties cannot agree to all the terms of a divorce settlement. Often, the divorce is agreed upon, but there may be disputes as to property settlement, distribution of assets or debt, custody and visitation, as well as child and spousal support or alimony.

Contested divorce may involve significant expense of money, time and emotion. In a contested divorce, the representative attorneys can take depositions of the other party, friends, relatives, neighbors, employers and professionals who have dealt with that party. Expert witnesses are frequently required to deal with financial aspects, valuation of businesses and assets, psychological profiles, physical health and ability to be gainfully employed.

Uncontested Divorce

In an uncontested divorce, divorcing couples reach an agreement on the issues in their divorce before going to court. Because they work together to resolve matters, they save time and money that they would have otherwise spent in court, with lawyers fighting over various issues.

At Ronald E. Dobelstein, P.C., we represent clients in uncontested divorces. We can draft the divorce agreement and other necessary legal documents. We can also guide couples through the legal system, making court appearances as necessary; and sometimes no actual physical appearance in court is required.

Sometimes couples think that they don't need a lawyer for an uncontested divorce when, in fact, they face issues that must be resolved with a lawyer's help. No matter what situation you are in, we can talk with you about the matters that affect you. Together, we will help create a solution that works for you. Ron Dobelstein can give you the necessary advice to achieve a good result.

Our founding attorney, Ron Dobelstein, is also a Georgia certified arbitrator and mediator with the American Arbitration Association and serves on its panel. He uses in-depth knowledge of mediation and arbitration techniques to help his clients resolve divorce issues. He is also an experienced litigator who knows his way around a courtroom.

There are many things you need to do in order to have a divorce made final. If you have children, you may need to take a parenting class. You will also need to file a financial affidavit and a parenting plan with the court. By seeking an attorney's advice, you can learn exactly what needs to be done. Many divorces that are initially contested result in a settlement, and eventually there will be no need for a trial. Hire Ronald Dobelstein, an attorney who can transition from a contested to an uncontested divorce, if appropriate.

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