Fathers’ Rights


Under Georgia law, each parent is entitled to a fair analysis of his or her rights and responsibilities with the children. The law does not favor mothers over fathers. The law presumes an equal standing. However, many dads face an uphill battle in Georgia courts. Because of the dynamics in some families, the courts may be more likely to place their children with the mother after a divorce.

At the Alpharetta, Georgia, law office of Ronald E. Dobelstein, P.C., we represent dads in child custody and visitation matters related to divorce or paternity actions. Many of the fathers we represent played the traditional role of supporting the family before the divorce. They went to work and left much of the day-to-day child care responsibilities to their wives. In the “traditional” family the father worked and the mother raised the children. Many of our judges still adhere to the traditional model. Presently both parents are more likely to work and share responsibilities caring for the children.

Before the eyes of a judge, it is this day-to-day child care that carries weight. A father who has played a large role in his children's lives will have an easier time obtaining child custody. The father who has not taken an interest in the child’s life such as medicine, religious, sports, extracurricular, educational will have a more difficult time prevailing in a custody dispute.

We encourage the fathers we represent to assert their right to their children — to keep involved in their lives. A father who is fully involved in his children's lives has a better chance of obtaining custody of the children. We take forceful action to protect fathers' rights, often requesting split physical custody arrangements where both parents share responsibilities. We never assume that being an "every-other weekend dad" is okay. Biological fathers have rights and obligations regarding the child, but those must be established by agreement or court order (See Paternity and Legitimation herein).


Mr. Dobelstein represents fathers to secure their rights, focusing on a successful result. To talk with an Alpharetta fathers rights' attorney, contact us at 770-408-7020 or toll free at 866-408-7020. The Alpharetta, Georgia, law office of Ronald E. Dobelstein, P.C., can provide you with skilled legal support through your divorce.

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