High-Asset Divorce


Issues related to the division of complex assets in a divorce require counsel from an experienced family law attorney — a knowledgeable professional who is dedicated to protecting your interests.

At Ronald E. Dobelstein, P.C., we have the experience necessary to divide complex and sophisticated assets in Georgia divorces. Attorney Ron Dobelstein has more than 25 years of experience and is dedicated to the highest levels of professional conduct. Mr. Dobelstein is certified as a Divorce Mediator.

Over the years, our Alpharetta, Georgia, law firm has gained a reputation for effective advocacy in even the most complex divorces. We have the resources necessary for division of complex marital and non-marital assets:

  • Large investment incomes
  • Retirement funds/401(k)/ESOP (employee stock option plan)
  • Multiple real estate holdings
  • Trusts
  • Family businesses and professional practices
  • Cash
  • Interests in various partnerships
  • Investment companies
  • Businesses, professional degrees, licenses and practices
  • Overlapping businesses

Mr. Dobelstein can help you understand what laws affect you in asset distribution, and help you to maximize you benefit.


To effectively represent our clients' interests, we often engage well-qualified, highly respected experts to appraise the property involved and assess factors that may affect its division. These experts include private investigators, forensic accountants, actuaries and appraisers. Information gathering can be the most difficult part of the divorce process, but we have been doing it for years. Experience has taught us the best ways to discover assets. We are familiar with the court process called discovery. We use subpoenas, depositions, document requests, questions under oath, and third party requests in order to discover all the parties assets.

Lawyer Ron Dobelstein spends time reviewing, in collaboration with you, these experts' work to ensure that division of assets is in your best interests. We believe in reasonable and collaborative approaches to asset division, but this also means that we recommend a course of due diligence — making sure that you have an in-depth understanding of family assets.

The courts require a full financial disclosure but for many cases the financial picture can be a moving target. We use the most effective and timely methods of gaining this knowledge. Avoid spending significant sums in tracking and chasing assets when the information can be obtained by efficient discovery methods in the Superior Courts.


For comprehensive legal counsel from an Alpharetta high-asset divorce attorney, speak with Mr. Dobelstein directly, concerning your divorce issue. Contact us at 770-408-7020 or toll free at 866-408-7020. The Alpharetta, Georgia, law office of Ronald E. Dobelstein, P.C., can provide you with skilled legal support throughout the divorce process.

Client Reviews
Mr. Dobelstein’s level of professionalism and knowledge is very great. He pays careful attention to details and explains things very carefully. He is very warm and friendly and very approachable. I've benefit from his great knowledge of the law and professional know how in the past. I'm glad to be a returning client and will definitely recommend him to others in need of legal services. Ayo
In need of legal advice, we went to Mr. Dobelstein. We were immediately put at ease and suddenly our issues seemed manageable. He was very professional and knowledgeable, but also showed that he was genuinely concerned about us. Without question, he is the best attorney we have ever dealt with. If you are in need of an attorney, Mr. Dobelstein is the one to call. Anonymous review
Mr. Dobelstein is a high quality professional. I am a new resident in US and English is my second language. Once the used car dealer tried to steal my money, I asked help from Mr. Dobelstein. Mr. Dobelstein helped me save my nerve and money in this situation. Mikhail
Ron Dobelstein helped me immensely through several challenging situations that required legal services. He is a consummate professional providing outstanding advice, counsel and suggestions. He listened intently and completely understood my situation before offering his astute expert and effective advice. Highest recommendation without reservation! Anonymous review
Mr. Dobelstein represented me in court for a traffic violation. He was on time, honest and very professional. He negotiated a great deal with the Judge for me. I was able to get away with just a small fine. No points, will not go on my driving history and no information will be sent to the insurance. I couldn't have gotten a better deal. And also, I was able to get out in just 20 minutes with more than 50 people waiting in court that day. Thank you, Mr. Dobelstein. I would definitely recommend you. Raj
Ron helped me with a difficult and frustrating situation. Working with him was easy and he provided very sound advice, which helped bring a good resolution for me. He is the consummate professional. I highly recommend Ron and will use him again if ever in need of his expertise. Anonymous review